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“I just mind my own business, really. I don’t want to say life is too short for drama, but I think I’m just too old for drama. I’d rather go home and be with my cat and my dog than start a war with someone.” x x

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September 19th, 2014: Leaving her hotel in Athens, Greece


glee meme outfits [3/6]


“My first test, I tested with Chris Colfer. And we went up to the elevator together and I kind of helped him get checked in, and I saw that he had all the Artie sides, and I’m like, “Oh, God, I helped my competition.” But then I found out they literally created a role for him. And then we came back two days later and tested again, and that time Jenna was there - she had flown in from New York. And Chris was like, “I hope I get it!” And we were like, “Um, I think it’s pretty safe to say… Like, you’re Kurt. They created it for you.” ‘Cause each of us had somebody else that we tested against. Like, there was nobody else. He was it.” (x)

Gaga leaving her hotel in Athens, Greece. 9.19.14 HQ

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